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According to Search Engine Journal, an estimated 82.6% of Internet users use search engines to find their products and services, which leads to the search engine industry’s worth of approximately $16 billion. The Internet and search engines have become such an integrated and intricately woven part of everyday life that businesses would be utterly remiss not to utilize it for their gain through online marketing.

One of the best online marketing tactics is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a multi-pronged strategy designed to boost a website’s search engine ranking to expose it to a wider audience range, boost online visibility and garner more click-throughs. To educate you about this leading strategy, here’s an easy search engine marketing tutorial to explain the various components that make it so successful.

Understand how search engines work.

Don’t worry–we’re not going to get into the nitty gritty technical details about algorithms and whatnot in this search engine marketing tutorial. However, it is important in this search engine marketing tutorial to at least touch on the ideas behind a search engine’s mechanics. You see, sites like Google want to find the best, most relevant results for a search terms. Think about each result as a physical location on a map. According to the search engine marketing tutorial provided by Google, they have “crawlers” that find these locations. Basically, SEO makes it easy for these crawlers not only to find the site, but SEO also gives the crawlers the information they look for, like whether the page is up to date, whether the site is maintained, whether the site is relevant to keywords, whether the site is high quality or spammy, and more.

Content is king.

The biggest SEO tactic, by far, is content marketing. By publishing frequently publishing high quality content, a site tells the crawlers that it’s updated, and that it’s relevant. Also, by publishing web content, a site creates new pages for indexing. This means that there are more entryways in to the site, making it more accessible. To return to the map metaphor prior in this search engine marketing tutorial, the easier it is to access a site, the easier it is to garner more web traffic–if there are more roads to building, more people can visit.

Social media.

Social media is more than just a way to personally keep in touch with old pals. Many, many businesses use social networks as website promoters. It’s a way to share links, connect with customers and clients, and give a personality to a brand. Plus, social media gives businesses a good platform to publish and spread their web content for people to read, see and share.

Search engine optimizing is crucial for businesses nowadays. If you have any questions about topics covered in this search engine marketing tutorial, feel free to ask in the comments. If there were any topics not explained in this search engine marketing tutorial, feel free to ask about those as well. We hope this search engine marketing tutorial was helpful! See this link for more:

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