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Are you frustrated because your website does not seem to be generating any new leads for your business? The world of internet marketing can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with all the options out there. The trick is to optimize your internet presence. Search engine optimization, or SEO, utilizes a variety of tactics in order to increase your search engine rankings, most notably on Google.

Google’s PageRank algorithm, named after co Google founder Larry Page, ranks websites based on how “important” they are in a given search engine results. The higher your Continue Reading | 4 Comments


SEO Blogs Chronicle a Changing Industry


In the world of online marketing, SEO, or search engine optimization, has become a bit of a buzzword. Simply put, SEO refers to the measures taken to increase a website’s search engine rankings, and therefore its visibility to the general public. The SEO industry has skyrocketed in recent years, as businesses have begun to direct much of their marketing to the internet. Here, we will look at the state of the SEO industry, examining the reasons for its success and the ways that it has seeped into the daily life of the average internet user.

It is quite impossible to treat the topic of SEO without discussing Google, the search engine giant that receives between 65 and 70 percent of all search engine traffic. Incorporated in 1998 by two PhD students at Stanford University, Google quickly ascended the ranks to become the world’s most popular search engine. A first page ranking on Google is a hot commodity in the world of online marketing, especially considering that the first organic search result to appear is chosen by 42 percent of search engine users. Noting this trend, Google created a choice of buttons on its homepage. One, labeled Search, took users to a list of sites ranked by Google’s PageRank algorithm. The other, labeled I’m Feeling Lucky, immediately took users to the first site to appear on the list. Incidentally, Google’s first tweet read I’m Feeling Lucky translated into binary code.

The PageRank algorithm, originally kept on 4 10GB hard drives in a LEGO brick storage case, looks at a variety of information to determine search engine rankings. SEO and internet marketing are designed to play into the PageRank algorithm, yielding higher search engine rankings for optimized sites. Because webmasters have learned how to manipulate internet data in order to rank higher in search engines, SEO blogs that review SEO news and developments have gained significant popularity in the world of online marketing.

SEO blogs may have originally contained information only about factors like keyword density which were abused by webmasters in the early days of SEO. Unscrupulous webmasters would positively stuff keywords onto pages making them rank highly in search engines, but making them difficult for users to navigate and find useful. Today, SEO has come to mean so much more, and SEO blogs are more likely to include information on the importance of content, blogging, and social media.

As social media has gained popularity among internet users, it has also become a valuable marketing tool. The vast majority of internet users over the age of fourteen will research products online before making purchases, and many will then use social media for more follow up information. Seo marketing has extended to the social media arena, making use of demographic directed advertising.

As the SEO industry continues to grow, it is likely that SEO blogs will provide a quality barometer for its measurement. Bloggers are likely not only to chronicle new developments but to provide tips for those interested in optimizing for search engine rankings.


What To Know About SEO Blogs


Did you know that goats are responsible for grazing the lawn at the headquarters of Google? It is part of their commitment to environmental responsibility. Since goats can naturally tends to the lawn, they cut down on carbon emissions. This is just one of the reasons Google is ranked as one of the most important search engines in the world.

Of course, holding more than 60 percent of the market share among search engine users is another reason they lead the way. Search engine ranking, or a system of determining how quickly your company pages, up in a search, can be effectively researched using Google rankings and other Seo reporting. One method of improving your keyword relevance is through SEO blogs. SEO blogs are designed to improve your search engine optimization strategies. Search engine optimization is focused on bumping your company pages higher based on the words users are searching for. Paid advertising online used to be considered the most important method for attracting new business.

Today, however, between 70 percent and 80 percent of all web users report that they pay no attention to the paid ad space on a page. When they run a search, they click on organic results only. That is a large piece of the market that is not paying attention to paid ads, details your company needs to understand when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

Lead generation through search engine optimization results in a 14 percent closure rate, compared to 1.7 percent for outbound leads. Similarly, close to three out of every five business to business marketing professionals say search engine optimization is the most powerful influencer of their lead generation strategies. Keeping up with these trends can mean the difference between a successful business and one that falls behind. SEO blogs can help you stay relevant in the eyes of search engines. SEO blogs can also help you replace older, less reliable marketing methods.

Consider how many people were buying personal computers and laptops just five years ago. Then consider that, as of 2012, more than 70 million users shop with a cell phone or tablet. The name of the game is to keep up with change, and right now the trend is pointing right at SEO blogs. To learn more about the efficient use of Seo blogs for your company, get in touch with a digital marketing expert or search engine optimization team that can help your company cut the cost of your online marketing while improving sales.


Why you need internet marketing

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Internet marketing is very important for many businesses today. Consumers basically use the internet before making purchases or contracting services. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of what internet marketing can offer. At the same time, failure to realize the importance of internet marketing can have its negative effects on the business.

First and foremost, when it comes to Google rankings, search engine optimization, which is part of online marketing or internet marketing, can help the company have higher Google search result. For any business this is very important because seventy five percent of internet users do not go past the second page of the results from their search. Search engine ranking even beats advertisements. It is estimated that around 80 percent of users chose the organic results over the sponsored results. In fact, they ignore the sponsored results. Also, compared with the pay per click trough, organic click through gets 25 percent higher conversion rates. In this alone, even if the company has the money to advertise, it is not as effective as having higher search engine results. Small companies can therefore beat them when it comes to getting the attention of the market. Eventually as the competition uses internet marketing they will get the better share of the market.

Second, internet marketing gets better results. For example, companies that have blogs have more leads because they have about 434 percent more indexed pages. And that is just blogging. Internet marketing connects the business with the market. For example, when it comes to social media, internet marketing knows how to use social media in its campaigns. In this, the company is out there where the market is. More importantly, it speaks the language of its market. This makes the market feel better about the product or the service. They see them where they are and they feel that the product or service meets their style or lifestyle.

Third, internet marketing is progressive. Unlike traditional marketing internet marketing keeps up with the technology. It meets the needs of the market for its clients. One example is the advances in mobile devices. At present, it is estimated that 70 million people use mobile devices, such as their tablet or smart phones, when shopping. Companies that offer internet marketing understand the importance of such mobile devices. They create ads and apps for them so that covers the market that prefers to use their mobile devices than other ways of purchase. Another example is providing sites with the right ecommerce. In this, the online marketing company can make websites that facilitate easy purchase for the customers. This may include being able to pay using not just their credit cards but other ways of payment. This may also include being able to purchase in bulk. For larger companies or specialized stores, they can even offer tracking down of their orders.