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Google rankings are able to help craft the finest internet marketing strategies that rely on search engine optimization. Most search engine ranking strategies are an ongoing effort to improve the amount of sales that are experienced by an organization. It is essential for any company that is making use of Seo marketing to routinely check in on the effectiveness of their strategies and make sure that the model for Web marketing that they have applied in the past is still going to be useful moving forward.

Part of this is because Google often updates how it allows for SEO marketers to behave. Any time a helpful process comes along for an industry, there are usually one or two competitors that will try to manipulate that new process in order to benefit themselves while cheating the system. Cheating the system when it comes to search engine use includes the application of what are called black hat Seo tactics. Black hat SEO tactics refer to the use of keyword stuffing and other methods of improving how quickly a search engine should find the page. These methods of using a keyword several times in a way that makes no sense used to be a practical way to improve search results, but Google figured out what was happening and has since punished any site that tries to abuse keyword use to improve a search ranking for a company.

The first tweet by Google in February of 2009 was binary for their slogan of “I’m feeling lucky.” The PageRank algorithm was named for the cofounder Larry Page. Today, Google stands atop most of the search engine market because they provide the most widespread support of search engine tactics or companies in most industries. The expected increase of mobile web use, which is expected to exceed desktop web use by 2014, includes the 70 million shoppers that were using smart phones and tablets to shop during 2012. Lead generation through SEO sees about 14.6 percent of those leads make a purchase, compared to a 1.7 percent close rate on outbound lead generation. These facts and statistics about the use of Google should be enough to motivate any new business owner to use this search engine in the promotion of their company. Advertised results, also called sponsored results, do not get a lot of attention from most shoppers these days, so it is important to improve how rapidly organic results attract customers to your business.

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