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Did you know, according to Internet World Stats, nearly 274 million North Americans are now using the internet? The fact is that over 90% of web experiences start with an online search engine like Google. If your business is not taking advantage of smart SEO practices, then it is certainly missing out. Here are the top five tips to improving your web visibility.

  • Focus on Content
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    Producing content that is barely legible but still takes advantage of keywords and link-farming is no longer the best practice for SEO. Over the last few years, Google has been rolling out updates to its Panda and Penguin search software. Subsequently, websites that are written to be overly attractive to search engines are filtered out. The most basic SEO tips all point to writing engaging, informative content that also takes advantage of sensible keywording. Content is now king.

  • Optimize Your URLs
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    A lot of beginners focus only on their content for optimization. However, website SEO tips are also key to being noticed. Business Insider recommends customizing your URLs so that they are easily searchable. Add alt tags to your images so they can be found by Google. Make sure that each one of your pages has an optimized search description. The key here is making sure every facet of your web page, both content and back-end, are perfected for web visibility.

  • Do Not Be “Spammy”
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    For those looking for blog SEO tips this one is key. It is often tempting to fill your posts with the most keywords you can while maintaining only a semblance of readability. Firstly, as has already been mentioned, you need to focus on content. Secondly, Google can now tell when you are trying to pander by filling your page with flash words. Sauthor of MSI Mail writes that keyword density will take care of itself if you focus on writing good work. By making use of Google Adwords, you can choose appropriate synonyms for your keys. This keeps your content relevant and avoids the ire of Google Penguin.

  • Synergy with Social Media
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    SEO tips and techniques no longer apply to websites exclusively. Social media is increasingly important to businesses looking to grow their web presence. By maintaining a healthy social media personality you maintain a human connection to your fans. You can maintain positive PR, address the negative, and keep your fans feeling appreciated overall.

  • Ask for Help
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    If you have no idea how to implement SEO copywriting tips then you should turn to professionals who can help. These businesses know how to implement the top SEO tips to grow your web presence, and they remain cost effective while doing so.

Making use of SEO copywriting tips does not have to be overly difficult. Like anything else, it takes patience and attentiveness to learn these techniques and implement them. If you are able to utilize these tips for yourself, you will likely see a steady increase in your traffic. If you do not have the resources, however, turn to professionals to take advantage of the best in SEO copywriting tips.

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