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When Google made its first tweet on February 26th of 2009, it was a binary code that translated to the words I am feeling lucky and little did they know that they would wind up receiving roughly 70 percent of the market share regarding search engines. What you may not know is how large of a role SEO can play in helping your business to become part of the fruits of those statistics. You may not know that three out of four internet users never bother to move past the first page of their favorite search engines results for anything that they type, but whether you do or not, it is SEO that will help you to make sure you are not on the short end of that statistic. This is because search engine optimization by its very design is meant to increase your visibility in search results that are directly or even indirectly related to your business.

Eight out of ten internet users older than fourteen are likely to brows products online with half that number taking things a step further by requesting information via social media. You should want your company to get hits like this and that is why you need SEO. For the mobile customer, SEO can really help you to real them in because just under half say they look at reviews or try to find promotions before buying right on their mobile devices. You should want those search results to be positive and that is what your SEO program can do for your company.

There should be nothing more important to your business than your search engine rankings and especially your rankings in Google can play a huge role in the kind of business you get. With SEO helping to skyrocket your rankings, you will move past many of your competitors.

Online, exposure is the key to grabbing more business. That is what search engine optimization brings to your business. With proper help, you will be able to make your program surpass all of your other marketing efforts in terms of how much business you can get from it.

You will find that once your optimization sets in, your business will also be set. This means that you should have little trouble with increasing its size. With more customers and more money flowing, you will surely be more successful than you have been in the past.

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