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For a web-based company, doing better business means getting more clicks, and getting more clicks means reaching far more users. That’s why the web marketing industry has become so heavily dependent on search engine rankings: They control what gets seen at the top of the pile and what gets left out all the way down at the bottom. There are huge implications for both options, and when a business succeeds at getting more visibility in the search engine rankings, there’s a good chance they’ll be seeing some bigger numbers, too. But it helps to understand exactly how the entire process works.

A changing world

About 15 years ago, the internet — or World Wide Web, as it was known — was still a burgeoning enterprise with plenty of households waiting to dip their feet in the water. Now, it seems that everyone has jumped in the pool. According to recent statistics, around 92% of all American adults performs some kind of internet search every day. That’s why it’s important for web marketers to begin to harness the power of SEO, or search engine optimization for long.

Impacting your leads

Looking at the data, nearly 60% of marketers who specialize in business-to-business relationships say there’s no larger influence for them than SEO. That’s because SEO marketing allows you to acquire worthwhile leads that have a higher close rate than the kind you’d find via traditional outbound marketing services (cold calling, typical TV and radio radio ads, etc.). In short, more visibility means more leads, and more leads mean more business.

Focusing in on the organic

The latest trend in our health-conscious world has been to opt for organic and locally grown food, and with SEO, you can go organic, too, though it’s a different kind. We’re talking about organic search results, the kind that appear in the search engine rankings naturally and not through any sort of paid sponsorship. Somewhere around three-quarters of all web users prefer organic results over sponsored ads, and that’s one of the main reasons why SEO works so effectively.

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