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If you had seen the most recent Google news stories you probably read that Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, just received a performance bonus consisting of $100 million in stock options and $6 million in cash. This is only the latest story that merely hints at the international dominance Google has built over the last 15 years or so.

When a company can give its third most powerful executive a bonus worth over $100 million, they are obviously doing something right. Of course, that “something” was creating a search engine that quickly eclipsed all others in popularity. As a result, Google’s domination of the international search engine market has made Google rankings the most important of all the search engine rankings in the world.

To explain the importance of the internet behemoth’s ranking system in the simplest of terms, companies with high-ranking websites are doing well, while businesses with websites with not-so-good ranking probably aren’t doing nearly as well as they could be. Therefore, when it comes to search engine optimization, Google rankings has become a primary gauge that allows business to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

However, there is good news for businesses that aren’t satisfied with their current rankings and the progress of their internet marketing campaigns. An experienced SEO service can help set them up with the latest SEO tools that can really provide a boost to their SEO marketing campaigns. Whether your’re talking about SEO tools like blogs, reporting, or news, a top SEO firm can give them more than the lowdown.

In this day and age, the most successful companies don’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to discovering useful internet marketing tools and strategies. If a new technology or innovation can help them improve their sales or garner more public attention, they’re on it. Understanding how to use Google rankings is just one small example of the many tools that leading SEO firms can help their clients take advantage of.

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